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Hi, I am Albert…

Off-roading has been my passion the day I set my hands on the steering wheel at a fun drive over 14 years ago. It is not a surprise that eventually, this is what I do for a living. The desert beckons and I have scoured the tracks like the back of my hand ever since. Cars and off the track adventure is the second best thing in my life following my family, of course. I have been part of the Marshal team with Gulf News and Nissan Explore UAE, assist track routes for the fun drives that are organized by them.

My blog is for all those people yearning for some adventure on their weekends, to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and to get a closer feel of nature and in this case be one with the desert and the adventurer in you. Look no further and follow me for some active and fun adventures. Me and my team would love to take you into the sand whether you like a nice quiet family BBQ, looking for some boyish mud baths, adrenaline rushed dune bashing or just want to watch the sun set behind the dunes…we make the experience a life time memory.

Do you have a four-wheel? Confused on what is an upgrade for a nice dune or rocky drive? Love camping with the family? Looking for locations to camp out and enjoy nature? You will find all your answers here and an occasional tutorial….

Consultation on off-road gear and equipments, necessary guidance on planning outdoor camping trips, groups and corporate events fun drive…these are just a few services I am happy to organize from start to finish.


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