Month: July 2014

Grand Iftar Drive – Dubai 2014

The Holy month of Ramadan is almost at its tail end, 30 days of fast and prayers. This year, in the intense heat it wasn’t easy after all. Opening of fast or Iftar would be somewhere after 7pm daily as the fast normally lasts from dawn to sunset. Muslims and non-muslims tend to gather with friends and family to break fast and so does various community of people. Speaking of communities, every off-road club has their Iftar drives, a quick run through the summer sand to find a spot under the stars to break the fast or do ‘Iftari’. It brings people together in the spirit of Ramadan.

This practise has been prevalent since a few years as an annual event, any reason to get together with like minded people, more or less. All the clubs decide to get together off Rifadaah desert area in the outskirts of Sharjah along Dubai-Hatta Road to break fast together. A splendid idea!!

They have their individual drives but closer to Iftar all the club members meet at a common spot, fondly referred to as ‘Iftar Bowl’.

This has been a common spot for Iftari for the popular off road club Dxb4x4, who has been having organized drives during Ramadan and eventually meet at this point to break fast since mid 2000. Rumour has it that Taimur Hassan, aka Big T, has been behind this splendid idea and this point has been fondly baptized ‘Iftar Bowl’.

And why not, a good drive, pleasant meeting with friends and family with children is always a welcome idea!!