Month: April 2015

Jeep Jamboree 2014

What do you get when you put a group of people with similar interests, a common interest in the Jeep for example?It is what you call the Jeep Jamboree. It doesn’t just bring together the enthusiasts but it also mixes up the great outdoors, the earth lovers, and their Jeep 4x4s whether it is an easy route, you get dirty or not. The Jeep Jamboree is an international event and mainly includes family oriented guided off road trips. Experienced guides help prep, navigate and guide small groups through well charted trails. In Dubai, UAE, the Jeep Jamboree is hosted by Trading Enterprises, the Jeep people.

Route mapping and planning starts way ahead in the year and these are fine tuned to accommodate newbies too along with the more experienced off-roaders. Maps are charted out taking into account experience levels and number of people and the day starts out early in the winter mist of the morning desert. A combination of track and sand with monitored check posts and some good dunes bashing enroute. Having fun in the sand, getting stuck and getting pulled out one learns the little tricks and trade of driving in the silky sands with help from experienced marshals and finally settling into dinner with some fun activities in the camp. Being in the Middle East fun includes BBQ, henna, Arabic costumes and a belly dance performance. This is from the customer point of view and what goes on behind the screen is a whole lot planning, printing, driving, re-driving, mapping, re-mapping, approvals, re-approvals, melt-downs vs excitements, design, follow-ups, tracking, stickers, skills training, pre-coaching, sweep and clean-up…it is quite endless to make sure the drive is safe, smooth and enjoyable all in all.

Specifics of the 2014 Jeep Jamboree, Dubai UAE

Date: 12th Dec 2014

Start time: 9:00

Finish time : 20:00

Type of Jeeps : Wrangler – Cherokee

Trail Specs : Dunes and Tracks

Hosts : Trading Enterprises, Al Futtaim

Supported by Liquid Productions and Weekends with Albert