Month: May 2015

Al’s End of Season BBQ and drive

It was that time of the year again when the sun starts to demand more attention and the heat is sweltering. So, in order to welcome in Summer officially we decided on one last BBQ drive and camp out for this part of the year before we packed up all kit for a few months.

The plan was to have a small afternoon dune drive and reach the scheduled camp site, near Pink Rocks by 5:30 pm. Some of the people wanted to come straight to the camp and did not join us for the drive. The rest of it is of course now part of the fun fact as you can see in the below images.

It was an easy track with small dunes as most vehicles were packed with BBQ items and this makes it difficult to go on a full on bumpy ride. However, pleasant drive, with out eventualities and we settled down to a cooler evening for food, drinks and never ending banter.